Blow The Trumpet In Zion - Intercessory Prayers For Israel

$ 8.00

This is a simple prayer guide for Israel, with about 50 pages of Scriptures and prayers you can pray.  This was the predecessor of "How To Pray For Israel" which is over 450 pages, and much more highly detailed. "Blow The Trumpet In Zion" is a 6" x 9 " book that will help you to focus your prayers.  Topics included:

  • Praying For Israel
  • We Proclaim a Fast and a Solemn Assembly
  • We Bless and Praise The Lord
  • God’s Promise to Protect Israel
  • Prayers For Interventions
  • God’s Eternal Faithfulness
  • God’s Protection
  • Scatter Israel’s Enemies
  • Silence The Tongues That Speak Against Israel
  • We Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem
  • We Pray For the Jewish Peoples
  • Declarations
  • Thank You, Father!