About Us

TMOJM is a ministry focused on preparing souls for the Coming of our King of Kings, the Lord Jesus Christ. His Name Is Yeshua. Many Christians and others believe they are saved, but are living lives filled with sin. Many believe that if they go to church once a week, or once a year, that it is enough. Patty brings real-world examples with a fresh perspective that awakens the sleeping, backslidden and lukewarm.  A fire-starter, the enthusiasm and deep love for The Lord exudes from her as she relates her countless testimonies.  She's been to Heaven many times, has seen the Hand of The Lord at Work in the lives of His people and watched His angels protect, minister, deliver and heal. 

Patty Thomas, founder, teaches on holiness, repentance, reverence, and the awe and wonder of God. Her calling touches many areas, including the current state of the church today, the Word of God as the Final Authority, Teachings of Jesus, Judaic Roots, Feasts and customs and the Wonder and Awe of God as Revealed to her over many years.

Patty instructs churches, pastors and individuals regarding the occult and new age infiltration of the Body of Christ and the world at large.  She exposes the satanic deceptions that have led well-meaning people into the snares of the devil. 

Having been through much personal sorrow and loss, Patty ministers from the heart, teaching how to have a continual, abiding relationship with the Lord.  She is an "all-out" worshiper and prayer warrior that has seen many real miracles.  The Lord Has Taught and Used Patty repeatedly in documented cases of starting and stopping storms, and other true signs and wonders.

The world is crying for revival, but they are not ready to receive the Holy One.  Patty's teachings lead people into getting their hearts, minds, souls and bodies in alignment with the Word of God, and seeking the Lord for all things.