Super Bowl Prayer Party Prayer Guide - Paperback Book

$ 7.50

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events in the world for human and sex trafficking. 

In 2013, we called God's people to pray in their own homes and churches. We asked them to hold a Super Bowl party of their own, only to make it about God's Work and not about which team might win. The Lord Delivered 16 girls from ages 13-18, some of who had been kidnapped into sexual slavery. He also Delivered 50 adult women, their pimps arrested.  More, several people witnessed The Cloud of The Lord's Glory Descending upon the stadium with His angels.  Prayer warriors were taught how to do deliverance on the masses attending and watching the game, the staff and law enforcement agencies.

In 2014, The Lord Shut down cable tv networks in various places across the country during the half time show, as Katy Perry sang "you're going to hear me roar!"  This is documented at the website!

This book covers a variety of aspects of the game day.   Prayers and prayer points are included for the teams, players, coaches, staff and the security of the game.  This is a wonderful way of "taking back the night" and "shifting lives" for God and His Kingdom.  The Super Bowl is yet another opportunity to reach souls and invite them to accept The Lord's Atoning Grace.