Sochi Olympics & Paralympics Prayer Guide

$ 14.95

Even now when the Olympics are over, this prayer guide has become increasingly important.  With Russia invading the Crimean Peninsula and the Ukraine, the threats the people are facing have increased dramatically.  

This guide highlights some of the genocides and forced expulsions of people from Russia and the Ukraine over several hundred years.  This very scenario is threatening to happen again, as many anti-Semitic attacks have been occurring, and attacks against Christians as well. 

The first third of the book pertains to the Olympics and explains the satanic beginnings and practices that surround each of the Olympic Games.  "My people perish for lack of knowledge!"  A long tradition that is much anticipated, it is rooted and grounded in things that are the direct opposite of what The Bible Says and what Jesus Taught. 

This book is a tool you will use continually.  Information provided in this unique prayer guide will help you pray in other situations at other times.  The last two-thirds of the book focus on prayer and deliverance information and techniques.

Help shift situations and nations with your prayers!  Be His Hands Extended on this earth to the saving of lives and souls.  Yes!  YOU CAN make a difference!  Prayer changes things!