Princess Of The Pity Party

$ 14.95

Crying jags?  Depression?  Seeing the same cycles over and over?  Hearing yourself saying the same words over and over through tears or anger?  Calling friends continually and telling them everything that he/she said and did to you? You can get past all this and learn to live a more peaceful existence, no matter the situation around you.

So many people descend into a downward spiral that ends up negatively affecting their lives.  Some call this a "pity party."  If you've been prone to pity parties, this book is for you. Do you descend into tears that sometimes lasts for days?

Learn what causes them which is most likely more than an immediate event. This book explores the triggers and underlying causes of pity parties. Once you have knowledge and understanding, you'll be able to gain strength. If you make a sincere and concerted effort to follow this advice, you will learn to overcome the temptation to come apart at the seams. Real healing is possible if you diligently apply these concepts.

Stop those pity parties now! They are damaging your life, your sense of self, your health and much more! Don't think that days of tears, fears, anger and upset don't have a negative effect. Relationships are often destroyed as a result of the tirades, tantrums and tears. Learn how to get the victory over your pity parties!