Plain Cover Edition - Lust Busters! Hooked, Lying & Stinker!

$ 24.95

This is the same book with a few small updates included as the original "Lust Busters!"  It's been wrapped in a simpler cover for propriety's sake.

Finally! The answers to why you and others, have gotten caught up in sexual sins. Most people don't understand what is behind those "delicious" feelings of lust. They enter into sexual sins of all kinds, only to find their relationships coming apart and all hell breaking loose in their lives. If you or a loved one are addicted to pornography, are in adultery, or casual sexual relationships, you need to read this book. The consequences of sexual sin are severe.  

Sexual sin is the number one way that satan steals and destroys peoples' lives and souls. There are temptations that are the lies of the devil. Don't fall into his traps! Find out what you need to know so that you can make better choices. Patty Thomas relates shocking information that God Revealed to her, that will change your life forever, as it did to hers. You will learn how to overcome all forms of temptations. The teachings in this book will help give you strength in the moments of temptation. These teachings are ground-breaking understandings that will bring you into clarity.  
This book examines sexual sin from a Biblical standpoint. Multiple Scriptures are given on every topic, with explanations as to what God Was Saying in His Word. "LUST BUSTERS!" gives you the tools to be an overcomer, not just in the area of sexual sin, but of all temptations. These include basic teachings on deliverance. You will become awakened, aware of satan's devices, and given wisdom and understanding to combat the wiles of the devils. Let your eyes be opened! 100 "LUST BUSTERS" are given to help you bring your life back in line with God's Word, His Will, and His Ways. Make no mistake! God Requires your body to be holy, it is His Holy Temple! 
Who do you know that is in sexual sin? Send them a copy anonymously! The answers to God's Stance on many areas of sexual sin, will be abundantly clear to them. Be the catalyst that helps to save their souls and bring peace to their lives!