How To Pray For Israel

$ 29.95

A 470+ page comprehensive guide to praying for all aspects of the infrastructure, issues and people of Israel.  It shows you how to pray a "prayer covering" over Israel, its people, its places and the matters that concern her.  This book represents a new approach to prayer, Given By The Lord. Holy Spirit Closeted Patty for over a year doing the research and writing of this monumental work.


This is the definitive resource, with lists and some pictures of everything from the schools and hospitals in Israel to pictures of the holy sites, bridges and governmental leaders to name just a few. Lots of prayer tools are discussed. Use this book as a launching point for individual or group prayer.   Filled with Scriptures, it exhorts you to cry out to God with all your heart.

 For pastors, rabbis, individuals, prayer leaders, bookstores, libraries

A VERITABLE TEXTBOOK ON ISRAEL!  Used in churches, ministries, prayer centers, Messianic congregations and by individuals.